April 21, 2021

Landscape Design Color Schemes: How to Mix & Match

With trips to resorts still on the distant horizon, homeowners are creating their own retreats in their backyards with pools, outdoor kitchens and more. While the structures and features you choose have a big impact on the vibe of your outdoor space, don’t underestimate the power that landscape design color schemes can have as well.

Just a few strategic strokes and splashes of color can breathe a lot of life into your landscape design. That’s why you need to meet Pantone’s picks for 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

Ultimate Gray is soft — reminiscent of the quiet atmosphere just before dawn or right after sunset when light and dark are in balance. Similar to light steel, this shade of gray also gives off a sense of solidity and reliability. When you pair this neutral backdrop with the bright pop of Illuminating — a lemon-yellow shade — your outdoor space is lined with a new sense of optimism as we leave behind the cold winter months.

Wondering how to weave these two complementary colors together? Here are some ideas to spark your imagination.

Gray Patio Pavers + Landscape Lighting

Already have gray patio pavers installed in your landscape, or thinking about adding them? You can line these stone-inspired pathways with lanterns to achieve the Pantone color combination. While these lights will create a unique visual aesthetic, they’ll also liven up darker corners and areas of your patio (without taking up much space at all) and extend the use of your outdoor space.

unilock pavers and lighting

Source: Green Impressions

Gray Furniture + Yellow Accessories

If you have a cabana or pergola in your backyard, chances are you’ll want to add some furniture to make the most of this sheltered space. Consider choosing a gray sectional with yellow pillows and ottomans — or the other way around. If you already have brown wicker furniture, as shown below, you can opt to add both gray and yellow in the form of cushions, accent pillows and other accessories.

gray and yellow furniture

Source: Getty Images

Combining Colors Is Just the First Step

When you mix and match complementary colors such as Ultimate Gray and Illuminating in your landscape, you create a dynamic environment that adds ambiance and comfort to your outdoor space and enhances everyone’s experience. 

But don’t stop with landscape design color schemes. The possibilities are endless for creating an outdoor retreat that is uniquely yours. Our 2021 landscape trends guide offers up the latest and greatest in landscape design and inspiration for your outdoor space.


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