Latest and Greatest Landscape Design Trends

The Latest & Greatest in
Landscape Design Trends

Neutral & Vibrant Hues Take Center Stage

For 2021, Pantone announced not one, but two, colors of the year: Ultimate Gray + Illuminating. Opt for the warm, practical feel of the gray hue, embrace the vibrancy and strength of the yellow hue or better yet combine the two colors in your outdoor living space!

Gray Patio Pavers + Landscape Lighting

The warmth of outdoor lighting fixtures creates a refreshing contrast against the cool, granite-like appearance of gray patio pavers.

Gray Furniture + Yellow Accessories

Add pops of color to a gray outdoor sectional with yellow-hued pillows or ottomans — all while creating a more comfortable space.

Vacation Vibes Move From Resorts to Backyards

Staycations have been on the rise this past year. With this shift, homeowners have been inspired to recreate the magic of being at a resort in their own backyard space — and with the right combination of amenities, it’s possible to do just that.

Swimming Pools/Spas

Nothing says vacation quite like a dip in the pool or the hot tub. Including both in your landscape provides the perfect combination of fun in the sun and relaxation.

Flexible Lounge Spaces

On vacation, it’s not uncommon to move from a cozy spot in the sun to a cozy spot in the shade. Make both options available in your backyard for a true resort-like experience.

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Front Yard Design That Supports Socializing

Backyards have always been a hangout spot. But with more people at home and looking for opportunities to socialize with neighbors, front yards are starting to follow suit — and in the same swoop, boosting the curb appeal of properties.

Plant Flowers

While planting flowers in your front landscape will breathe new color and life into your home, it creates a natural conversation piece as admiring neighbors pass by.

Furnish Porch

From hanging swings to rocking chairs, porch furniture adds beauty and functionality to your front yard. Sip morning coffee while you catch up with neighbors.

Creative Spins on Outdoor Garden Displays

The number of green thumbs is growing! This past year, many homeowners kickstarted their gardening efforts, planting everything from flowers to vegetables and herbs. What’s more, is they’ve found some creative ways to display their work.

Raised Garden Beds

The clearly defined boundaries of a raised garden create a neat aesthetic appeal, while also protecting gardens from foot traffic, critters and weeds.

Rail-Hanging Planter Boxes

Hanging planters over the railings of your deck or porch adds visual interest to the structure and makes it easy to display plants in areas enveloped in natural light.

Mobile Planter Boxes

Imagine the ease of rolling your planter box over to a new area of your yard, for aesthetic or for functional purposes. Mobile planter boxes provide such flexibility.

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A Landscape Design That Can Weather All Seasons

Rainy spring days. Cool fall evenings. In a four-season climate, homeowners experience all types of weather — and with more time at home, they want their landscape to be prepared for it. The key to this is a combination of coverage and comfort.

Add a Fire Pit or Fireplace

When temperatures dip, the heat from an outdoor fire pit or fireplace can provide warmth. The flames will also light up the space when the sun sets earlier.

Take Cover Under a Pergola

Enjoy the privacy and protection that comes with a pergola. Listen to the soothing sounds of rainfall while you stay cozy and dry underneath the roofed structure.

Cozy Up Your Space with Fabrics

As the chill in the air sets in, drape blankets over your outdoor furniture. They make the perfect addition for outdoor afternoon naps and evening movie nights.

Seamless Transition Between Indoor & Outdoor Living

The line between indoor and outdoor living is becoming more blurred. While the indoors are being designed to feel closer to nature, outdoor living areas are taking on the same style and feel of the home — from the interior to its exterior.

Blurred Boundaries

Lining the back of a home with windows makes walls disappear. Naturally, this creates a more integrated feel between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Keep Things Cohesive

The colors and styles you choose for your backyard should correlate with the look of your home — from the patio and seating walls to the plants and their pots.

Technologies to Maximize Use of Outdoor Spaces

Technology has made its way into the home and around it. Homeowners are finding new ways to weave technologies into their outdoor spaces. Used individually or together, these items add functionality to backyards through every season.

Movie Projectors

Grab your popcorn and watch a movie from the comfort of your backyard — no TV needed. A portable projector makes setup simple.

Rock Speakers

Rock speakers offer the best of both worlds. They deliver high-powered audio in outdoor areas while still preserving a more natural look.

Solar-Powered Umbrellas

Not all umbrellas are built just to provide shade. There are solar-powered models that also offer light as well when the evening sets in.

Modernize Your Outdoor Space with the Latest Trends

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