July 14, 2020

Your Commercial Landscaping Equipment List

Properly maintaining and caring for a commercial landscape requires a multi-step approach. What separates each step of this process is not just the time it takes to complete the task, but also the commercial landscaping equipment it requires — a list that tends to be quite lengthy.

Here’s a look at some items you’ll typically see on a commercial landscaping equipment list.

Our Commercial Landscaping Equipment List

1. A Lawn Mower

A long, unkempt commercial lawn isn’t just an eyesore for visitors; overgrown grass can also become a hub where moisture collects, and in turn, causes the spread of fungus and disease. Regular lawn mowing helps keep the grass at the proper height and sustains a lush appearance.

2. A Blower

When walkways are littered with debris — from piles of leaves to fallen tree branches — it can create potential tripping hazards for people on-site. Blowers significantly expedite the process of removing debris from the ground, creating a smooth, even surface for individuals to walk across.

3. An Edger

Between hardscapes (e.g., walkways) and softscapes (e.g., lawns), the boundary between the two can sometimes become blurred due to overgrowth. An edger helps maintain a professional look in these areas without causing damage to the pavement as heavy-duty tools might do.

4. Pruning Shears

While dead and diseased branches can affect the appearance of trees and shrubs on a commercial landscape, they can also lead to pest infestations, which can infiltrate other parts of the lawn. With an investment in pruning shears, you can remove these branches and encourage healthy plant growth.

5. A Snowblower

In areas like Northeast Ohio, heavy snowfall can accumulate in parking lots and walkways in the winter months. Removing snow from high-traffic areas with a snowblower helps maintain standard business operations, even in the aftermath of a winter storm, as well as keep areas dry and safe for everyone on-site.

How Much Does This Commercial Landscaping Equipment Cost?

While we’ve highlighted the importance of these different types of commercial landscaping equipment, it’s also worth noting the costs that are associated with them. These average costs are based on current industry prices for commercial-style equipment:

  • Lawn mower: $2,500
  • Blower: $300
  • Edger: $200
  • Pruning Shears: $100
  • Snowblower: $2,000

With these expenses in mind, it’s clear that the cost of this commercial landscaping equipment list can add up fast — to a whopping $5,100 to be exact. Then there’s, of course, the cost to operate gas-powered equipment on a regular basis as well as maintain such tools over time.

By working with a professional like Green Impressions, you gain access to the highest quality commercial landscaping equipment without the hassle of having to purchase or manage it. To learn more about our landscape maintenance services, visit the commercial services section of our website.




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