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July 21, 2020

4 Commercial Landscaping Blogs to Inspire You

Whether you’re a commercial property manager looking for maintenance advice or design tips, there are plenty of commercial landscaping blogs that provide answers to your questions. We know that you’re busy, so we wanted to bring a collection of these types of blogs directly to you.

Check Out These 4 Commercial Landscaping Blogs

Petalon Landscape Management

Located in the Bay area, Petalon Landscape Management is recognized for its commitment to high-quality commercial landscape installation and maintenance, with strict adherence to sustainable practices. These sentiments are highlighted in the topics discussed on their blog.

While some articles are more-so geared toward a local audience — planning for drought landscape management is one example — the majority are applicable to commercial properties throughout the U.S. You’ll find advice on how to budget for landscape maintenance and reduce related costs, ideas on how to save water while still maintaining healthy plants and guidance on proper pest control and tree care techniques.

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Greenscape Geeks

Greenscape Geeks — a commercial landscaping partner based in Indianapolis — is built on the ideals of innovation, sustainability, conservation, quality and integrity. These values are weaved into their residential and commercial landscape services, both of which are a focus on their blog.

From a commercial standpoint, one of the key goals for Greenscape Geeks is sustainable design planning and installation. With this in mind, blog articles have been written around the ways to incorporate native plants into a commercial landscape as well as how both small- and large-scale properties can create green infrastructure.

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Level Green Landscaping

As a provider of commercial landscape maintenance services in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Level Green Landscaping brings more than 60 years of experience to the table. While this experience helps them deliver reliable service, it also makes their company blog a trusted educational resource.

In many cases, commercial property managers have very specific questions about landscape design and maintenance. The Level Green Landscaping blog aims to address such questions with articles centered around specifics — from how to properly landscape around signage to how to choose between battery versus gas-powered equipment.

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Green Impressions

Serving the Northeast Ohio area, Green Impressions is a provider of residential landscape design and maintenance services, as well as commercial property maintenance services. While our commercial landscape solutions help alleviate issues on-site and improve conditions, we also believe in helping property managers gain the insights they need to improve operations.

On our blog, we cover topics such as sustainable watering practices for commercial lawn care and low-maintenance trends that are worth the investment. Alongside these articles, we use our design experience to offer up ideas on features to include in commercial landscape design.

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