July 23, 2019

Why Commercial Landscape Services Really Save You Costs

Like any business investment, commercial landscape services come with a price tag. Yet the money you put into these services is only a fraction of the payback you’ll see. Commercial landscape services will enhance the value of your business, attract/retain ideal clientele and minimize the potential for any liabilities or injuries.

Here’s a closer look at how commercial landscape services improve these various avenues.

Bump Up the Value of Your Business

When the grounds of your property are in better shape, tenants and visitors alike have a more positive outlook on the overall care it receives. This translates into an increase in the perceived value of your business. Compared to other property updates, landscape maintenance is actually recognized as having one of the most significant effects on property value — with an increase of anywhere between 5.5 to 12.7 percent.

For businesses that own commercial properties, a boost in property value can mean big returns when it’s time to sell or lease office/retail space. Potential buyers will see the benefits of a low-maintenance landscape versus an overgrown, unkempt landscape that they need to fix.

Bring In & Retain the Right Clientele

Let’s say you’re a property manager that is struggling to fill units in an apartment complex. While you want to occupy these units fast, you’re just as concerned about the quality of the tenants you attract. After all, it’s far more cost-effective to find reliable tenants that pay rent on time and stay for an extended period of time versus unreliable tenants.

One of the best ways to attract and retain the right tenants is with commercial landscape services. Not only will a beautiful property impress prospective tenants as they tour your complex (or browse photos online), but it also provides peace of mind about the level of service they can expect as a tenant. As the demand for units rises, you might even be able to slightly raise the rent and bring in more profits.

Reduce Potential Hazards

In the wintertime, mounds of snow are bound to cover up patches of ice on walkways and parking areas in commercial properties. When these areas are left untreated or manual efforts fail to get the job done, this creates hazards for anyone on the property — employees, tenants or visitors.

With top-of-the-line equipment for snow and ice removal, commercial landscape services help put an end to these concerns when winter weather hits. Without any snow or ice to create hazards in the first place, property managers won’t have to worry about the liabilities associated with slips or falls. While this offers benefits to any property, this is especially important to healthcare and medical facilities where patients tend to be in a more frail and fragile condition.

As a provider of commercial landscape services, Green Impressions can help keep your Northeast Ohio property in its best shape. To learn more about how we can address your challenges, request a free consultation.




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