Maureen Loewe, Office Manager/HR Director

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Maureen Loewe

Office Manager / HR Director

Time with Company: 9 Years

Hometown: Sheffield Lake, Ohio



About me:

In a few weeks, I will be 63 years old. I grew up in Lakewood. Growing up, I participated in gymnastics, speed skating, swimming, and diving competitions. I attended Magnificat High School, Ohio University and Cleveland Academy of Court Reporting.

My passion has always been in Office Administration, specifically working with the finances. I have over 35 years of experience as an Office Mgr. and HR Director and have worked for Joe Schill for 24 of those years. I have 4 Siblings and I am the Middle child. I am married to Bob and have twin daughters. For 34 years, Bob drag raced cars and motorcycles and we were all his pit crew until he retired from racing after winning the National Championship. Michelle is married to Chip with 2 children, Kai 7 & Keegan 5 who love playing Baseball. Kelly’s boyfriend Brandon has 2 children Addison 8 and Aaron 7. Addison is a Gymnast and Aaron plays Piano. They both live in North Carolina 3 hours apart. We love to Skype to keep in touch between visits and posting Videos and pictures that we share.

What I can help you with:

My intention is to solve any problems, within my power, that hinder you from doing your job effectively. I am responsible for keeping all Money & Paperwork flowing in and out for Employees, Customers and Vendors. Any questions regarding Computer, Phone, Tablet and Paperwork, when Terri, Jessica & DJ are not available, or they have referred you to me for help. We are a Team.

Anything confidential in nature that you do not feel comfortable talking about to your Supervisor or my Assistant DJ, you may contact me directly.

How you can help me:

Hand in your paperwork to your Supervisor, Terri, Jessica, or DJ in a timely manner. Paperwork that goes directly to me when it is not specific to a job should still have notes regarding why it was purchased to assist me in coding it correctly. Please bring any questions or problems to me when they arise. The quicker we solve issues, the less we struggle as a Team.

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