employee spotlight

June 1, 2020

Employee Spotlight --- Jessica Bozman

Jessica Bozman

Contract Administrator

Time with Company: 7 Months

Hometown: Elyria, Ohio


Bozman, Jessica

About me:  

I am 27 years old. I am recently engaged and have 2 dogs. I enjoy biking, kayaking, hiking, and camping. I work in the Irrigation and Lighting Department at Green Impressions. 

What I can help you with:  

Anything related to processing paperwork for Irrigation/Lighting, correctly applying an invoice or receipt, obtaining PO’s, requesting OUPS markings, and invoicing jobs. I can also answer BOSS related questions. 

How you can help me: 

  • When requesting a PO, provide me with the work order # or ticket #, what you are purchasing, and an estimate of the total cost of the PO.  
  • When turning in the receipt, please write the PO #, the customer name, and the ticket # or work order # on the receipt. This makes sure materials are applied to the correct jobs. 
  • Turn your receipts in to your manager daily! Please do NOT collect them in your truck or work packet to turn in at the completion of the job. 
  • Please, please, please have an excel sheet for every ticket. 
  • Please make sure to correctly apply your time to the job. 

If you don’t know or understand something – please ask! 


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