August 28, 2015

When Mold Invades: How to Remove and Prevent Growths in Your Landscaping


Have you recently spotted fungus, mold, algae, or moss growing among your outdoor living space? 

Mold and other types of growth thrive in shady areas with excessive moisture. Decomposing organic matter like excessive thatch, mulch, and buried material like wood or roots will harbor this growth as well.

Removing these organic fungi is crucial for a safe and appealing outdoor area. If left untreated, they can cause discoloration, an unsightly look, and a slippery surface to walk on.

To remove hazardous growth among your landscaping, be sure to safely follow these steps.

  • Work when the area is dry, and wear a mask to prevent inhaling any airborne particles.
  • Remove or cover any obstructions, like potted plants or furniture, that could be damaged while cleaning.
  • Use a stiff broom to sweep away as much as of the growth as possible.
  • Mix one cup of chlorine bleach with a gallon of water, or use straight five percent white vinegar. Scrub with a soft-bristled brush or scraper, but be careful not to scratch the pavers or remove the filler between the stones.
  • Rinse well with water, and allow time for the stones to dry thoroughly in the sun.

The best way to prevent moss or algae from growing is to keep your stones as clean and dry as possible. Trim away trees and other plants that are blocking sunlight from your pavers, and make sure to select the correct type and amount of mulch. Adding a slight slope to your surface will help prevent standing water, as will drainage pathways made of gravel.

Also, adding a polytherane coating on pavers will seal and protect joints and surfaces from invasive mold. The application of a polytherane coating will also create a nice wet look, gloss appearance that will bring out the colors in your pavers.

Be sure to contact Green Impressions for more information on removing and treating pesky growth like fungus and mold. 


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