August 18, 2020

What Happens If You Don't Rake Your Leaves?

Piles of leaves on your lawn in the fall may be a pretty sight, with its blend of red, yellow and orange colors. Yet, this accumulation of leaves can have some unfortunate side effects — specifically when it comes to the look and health of your lawn.

Before you forgo raking this fall season, consider what can go wrong when leaves aren’t raked...

Leaves Put Up a Wall Between Lawns & the Resources They Need

It’s no secret that lawns require a few key elements to thrive: sunlight, water, air and nutrients. As leaves accumulate in large, heavy mats, they naturally create a barrier that interferes with the ability of these elements to reach lawns. Without a proper way to access these resources, lawns inevitably become weaker and more susceptible to lawn disease and pest infestations. Not to mention, the sheer weight of the leaves themselves can further smother the grass and subsequently hinder growth.

With Moisture Comes Additional Issues

While Ohio weather is getting generally warmer, it’s also getting wetter. According to Ohio State University, 2019 was the sixth wettest year in Ohio’s history. Combine this with the fact that autumn is the wettest season in Ohio, accounting for 29% of the yearly precipitation.

When layers of leaves become wet and trap moisture — a concern that grows with the change in climate — the end result is a dark, moist environment where fungus and pests can thrive.

Consult Green Impressions for Fall Cleanup Services

Raking and bagging fallen leaves can be a lot to keep up with throughout the autumn season. But that doesn’t mean all the work has to fall on the shoulders of homeowners. Instead, you can hire a professional like Green Impressions to tackle this lawn care task for you. We’ll clear lawns and landscapes of any debris (leaves included) so your outdoor space is free of tripping hazards and your grass has room to breathe and grow all through fall.

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