February 21, 2016

Use Houzz's Ideabooks To Make Your Home Improvement Dreams a Reality


Houzz, an online platform for homeowners and professionals, is revolutionizing the way we design and plan everything about our living spaces, from major renovations to detailed decorations.

More than just a website filled with pictures, Houzz offers customizable ideabooks that allow you to gather designs into simple, organized, and personalized categories for all of your project needs.

Ideabook Basics

  • Create separate ideabooks that will keep the ideas for each of your projects organized and at your fingertips
  • Browse a collection of over 35,000 images based on location, personal style, or area of design
  • Gather as many pictures as you want, transforming your profile into your ultimate portfolio
  • Check out ideabooks created by other homeowners for a community of endless inspiration

Making Ideabooks Work Best for You

  • Record notes about designs as you collect them to easily recall what you liked about each space
    Post the styles you're interested in on the site's Buzz Board to ask questions and receive professional advice
  • Use the ideabook's Comments section to discuss ideas and exchange feedback with other homeowners
  • Upload your own images right to your profile to access your inspirations no matter where they comes from
  • Collaborate with designers, architects, contractors, and other home improvement experts to smoothly plan your next project 

With Houzz's customizable Ideabooks, you can create your ideal living space and coordinate with professionals easier than ever.

At Green Impressions, we have achieved exceptional results and satisfied customers time and again by using Ideabooks to share ideas and offer input.

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