July 14, 2015

Storm Cleanup and the Importance of Preventative Landscape Maintenance

With an abundance of storms comes a need to evaluate your landscape maintenance plans, both preventative techniques and cleanup solutions.

Use the following approach to avoid excessive storm damage on your property.



Evaluating your maintenance practices for your trees and shrubs is key for maintaining a healthy landscape despite harsh storms. 

  • Routine Treatments: pruning, proper watering, soil care, pest management, bolting or cabling where needed, and fertilization for nutrient deficiency
  • Warning Signs: decay, girdling roots, preexisting site issues like inadequate soil, and other form imperfections


More often than not, trees and shrubs can be repaired by immediate pruning and/or the addition of bolts and cables. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove the tree due to significant damage or a failing structure.

  • Remedial Treatments: pruning, straightening, repairing of wounds, cabling and bracing, as well as staking and guying

Remember that fallen trees can be dangerous, especially when they've landed on a roof, garage, house, or electrical line. These situations need to be handled by a professional who will expertly remove the hazard from your property, and will accurately diagnose all damage and causes of damage for future preventative care and for insurance companies.

It's vital to maintain your landscape by immediately cleaning up after a storm, and by taking preventative measures to save you the future hassle and cost of storm repair.

Contact Green Impressions if you are in need of storm cleanup service, and remember to ask about our quality maintenance program.


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