Snow Removal

December 13, 2015

Provide Safety and Protection with These Home Snow Removal Techniques


Too often we see home owners dive into snow removal after the first big storm of the year ill-prepared for the dangers and setbacks of improper care.

To be sure you are doing all you can to defend your home, your guests, and yourself from risky conditions, follow these crucial details for efficient snow removal all season.

Equipment Tips and Safety

  • Avoid unnecessary injury and overexertion by using the most appropriate equipment for your property size and style.
  • Pay attention to warning signs from your body while shoveling, being wary of slippery surfaces, lower back problems, and other potential concerns.
  • Invest in a snow blower to decrease the risk of injury and time spent in the cold, following instructions carefully to avoid hand or back issues.
  • Avoid ice picks and other rough tools that could easily destroy your driveway and landscaping surfaces.

Proper Removal Techniques

  • Mark off the driveway and walkways with poles, flags, or stakes before the storms hit to keep better track of your landscape.
  • Start off slowly and take breaks often to prepare your body for hard physical work in the cold.
  • Begin as soon as possible after snow starts to fall to limit ice buildup and intense workloads.
  • Remove precipitation in layers as it falls, pushing the snow first rather than lifting the heavier piles.
  • Avoid throwing snow back on top of cleared surfaces by working in a consistent direction.

Using these methods will ensure you handle snow removal in the safest and most productive way possible.

Rather than dealing with the risks, equipment, and time involved, contact Green Impressions today for experienced care and quality work that will set your home up for an enjoyable winter season.


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