March 18, 2021

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design: How to Achieve the Look

After months of gray skies and cold weather, it’s always surprising when spring finally comes, followed by those balmy summer days. You’re probably ready to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and when you add a backyard kitchen to your outdoor space, you can spend even more time in nature and sunshine. 

How you intend to use your kitchen and the space available will determine the design. Even if you have a small lot, you can think big in terms of a great design. We have ideas for modern outdoor kitchen designs of all sizes and uses. Start planning now so you enjoy those lazy days of summer. 

Here’s what to consider...

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design: Basic Tools + Amenities

When considering your modern outdoor kitchen design, there are five items that most backyard chefs consider non-negotiables:

  1. Grill: Do you want propane? Grill modular island? 
  2. Counterspace for food prep and dishes. Consider if you want people to sit around the counter while you cook.
  3. Fridge for keeping food cold and avoiding going back and forth from the home kitchen.
  4. Storage, such as cabinets and/or drawers for your grilling and cooking utensils, outdoor plates and cutlery, etc.
  5. Sink for rinsing food, washing utensils, boiling food. The sink can also be used for watering portable outdoor plants and washing up after gardening.

You’ll also want to consider how close your outdoor kitchen will be to your indoor kitchen. The closer your indoor kitchen is to your outdoor kitchen, the easier it will be to grab seasonings, food, utensils, etc.


Source: Green Impressions

Next, make a list of amenities you want. This can include things like:

  • Pizza oven
  • TV
  • Fireplace
  • Dining tables
  • Lighting

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design: Space + Usage = Design

How versatile do you want your outdoor kitchen to be? Do you want to use it year-round? If you want to have shelter, consider installing a pergola or a canopy. Or, if you have a pool house, consider combining your outdoor kitchen with the pool house.

A covered outdoor kitchen can provide year-round use. Depending on your outdoor scenery, you may want to build the kitchen using stones that match your patio pavers so that it blends with the scenery.

Don’t forget about lighting. You want to ensure areas around where you’ll be cooking are adequately lit as are areas where major activities will happen like swimming or congregation. You’ll also want to make sure pathways and dining areas are well lit.


Source: Green Impressions

If you have a smaller lot...

You don’t need a lot of space for an outdoor kitchen. You just need to have enough functional space that allows for cooking, relaxing and entertaining. 

For a style reminiscent of a tiki bar, consider a patio with beautiful paver stones and a U-shaped bar/counter where guests can sit on the other side and have a drink while you grill. You can cover it with a canopy that you can completely dismantle and take away for a more open look and kitchen experience when the weather is right. You could also have a small pergola that is just big enough for the kitchen and chef.


For those with more space...

If you’ve got more space, consider a large pergola with a retractable roof or pavilion with a fireplace and outdoor living room furniture. If you have enough space for a pool, this could be an option where a pool house would be useful.  

Ready to bring your vision for a backyard outdoor kitchen to life? Green Impressions would love to hear from you and see how we can help. Request your free consultation today.




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