January 18, 2016

Green Impressions Focuses on Family for the Approaching Home and Garden Show


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Every year, experts in landscaping and home design gather to take part in the infamous Great Big Home and Garden Show.

The well-known event attracts hundreds of driven homeowners and experienced professionals to bring innovative designs to life. These specialists come together to offer their advanced products and services, and help you brainstorm winning ideas for your home.

FullSizeRender.jpgAmong the reputable businesses attending will be the skilled Green Impressions landscaping team. The company is known for their passion and ability to transform ordinary spaces into captivating designs, relaxing nooks, and glorious areas for entertainment.

This year, Green Impressions is determined to go beyond their yearly display by creating a unique and warmhearted dedication. The team is constructing a large-scale model of a grand tree to express their passion for cultivating valuable family memories with their designs. The installation will represent the most important aspect of their business, their family of customers.

The show is a perfect opportunity for Green Impressions to host a Family Reunion for clients, homeowners, enthusiasts, and prospective patrons. Their theme, "In Celebration," shows their gratitude for their role in the community, and will focus on the personal, family-oriented goals of their business.

FullSizeRender_2.jpgIf you are seeking an ideal hub for spring project inspiration, fantastic deals and upgrades, and trustworthy business relationships, don't miss Green Impressions at Garden #8 of The Great Big Home and Garden Show this Feb. 5th – 14th at the I-X Center in Cleveland.

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