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July 18, 2018

Why Electronic Mosquito Control Systems Are Recommended

As the temperature rises, mosquito activity begins to increase in backyard spaces. Beyond the annoying buzzing sound of these insects, their presence also introduces the risk of serious diseases that can put your children and pets in harm's way.

If you have a garden, water features or any spaces that are inhabitable for mosquitos, you need to invest in a means of keeping these insects under control and away from your landscape.

We recommend that you choose an electronic mosquito control system for pest control. Here’s why…

What Stands Out About Electronic Mosquito Control Systems

Electronic Mosquito Control Systems Are Fully Automated

With electronic mosquito control systems, homeowners no longer have to worry about frequently applying physical sprays. In many cases, the control systems come with timers that can be pre-set to turn at several points during the day. They can also often be controlled via solar sensors that turn the device on at dusk and off around midnight, or run it for a few hours in the early evening.

Electronic Mosquito Control Systems Are Undetectable

Odd smells and zapping sounds are often attributed to mosquito control. Modern electronic mosquito control systems help remove these elements. With silent systems that blend into the environment, homeowners can comfortably control systems while entertaining in their outdoor space—without guests ever noticing.

Electronic Mosquito Control Systems Pose No Harm to Landscaping

Fighting one problem in your landscape shouldn’t lead to new ones. Yet, the sprays that many homeowners use to defend against mosquitos actually contain chemicals that may cause damage to lawns and plants. Electronic mosquito control systems that use non-toxic repellent ingredients approved by the U.S. EPA help avoid harm to the surrounding landscape.

Choose NuTone Haven For Your Mosquito Control

Turning your backyard into a haven starts with the right technology. NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting & Mosquito Repellent Fixtures support these efforts through fully automated, undetectable and harmless operation. Whether hosting events or relaxing on your own, you’ll take comfort in knowing that your outdoor space is protected all season long.

Interested in making this electronic mosquito control system part of your landscape? The team at Green Impressions is here to help assess your landscape’s needs and lead the installation process. Find more details—and request your consultation—here.



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