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January 3, 2013

3 Ways Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights Provide Cost Savings

Low Voltage LightThe introduction to LED lights for your low-voltage outdoor lighting is a must have to save on electricity cost. Plus, they eliminate the task of replacing the burnt out bulbs frequently. The new LED 20 and 30 watt replacement bulbs have three fantastic benefits.

  1. The initial cost for the bulbs are greater than old style replacement bulbs, but they will shortly pay for themselves in energy cost savings. 
  2. The new bulbs emit 20 watts of light but only use about 2 watts of electricity! You can also get bulbs with greater wattage. 
  3. The new LED bulbs also last between fifteen and twenty thousand hours of life so replacement is a long way off!

If you change all your low voltage lights to LED lights, you can add up to five to ten times the wattage with LED bulbs without changing or upgrading your transformer. This means you can add many new fixtures to your outdoor plan or just increase the wattage.

The new LED bulbs come in soft white and other colors if you have a need for them. The new LED bulbs can be used in old fixtures to save addition cost. If you are putting the bulb in a new or old fixture it is a good idea to add what’s called di-electric grease to the prongs of the new LED light bulbs before inserting them into the slot. You can buy this product at and car parts or hardware store. This electrical grease will prevent corrosion that would make a good bulb to not make contact and seem burned out.

The old light fixture can be made to look new by applying Amour All or a similar car product to give the fixture a surface fresh look. This will make the old light sparkle.  It is also a good idea to disconnect the wires and cut off the old striped oxidized wire ends and strip the wire to fit the new wire connector.

We recommend using waterproof connectors. These connectors are filled with silicone and help prevent oxidation of the copper wires. This will eliminate problems in the future. I also recommend taping the connectors after they are tightened down to help prevent them working loose.

Simple tasks such as adding dielectric grease, striping the wire, replacing the connectors with silicone filled connectors and tapping the over the connectors will help make the LED replacement almost future maintenance and trouble free.

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