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November 23, 2012

How To Adjust Your Landscape Lighting Timers

Vista Lighting TimerIt s that time of year again when the clocks change for daylight savings time. You have changed the time on all the clocks and appliances in the house. You have the clock in the car set to the right time. Now we need to remember to adjust the time and the settings on our outdoor lighting. We also need to adjust the time when the lights come on as it keeps getting dark earlier and earlier.


Adjusting the On/Off Settings


On most lighting systems there is a timer inside the lighting transformer. Depending on the size of the system it is important to remember that you may have multiple transformers that need adjusting. To adjust the settings, open up your transformer and the timer will be plugged in inside there. Depending on the location of the transformer it may be easier to adjust the settings and time with the timer unplugged. There are different styles of timers but the most common timers either have green and red clips or they are the push in style.  The push in style you just need to push the tabs in or pull them out to adjust the time that the lights are running.  They make these both ways so see what is pushed in and adjust accordingly.  The green and red clips set the time for on and off.  Where the green clip is set is the time the lights turn on and the red clips are the time the lights turn off.  Just slide the clips out and push them in at the time you want. 


Setting the Time


On both styles of timers setting the time of day is the same.  You just turn the timer dial until the arrow lines up with the time of day.  The timers rotate clockwise to set and also run that way.  Make sure you have the time of day set on AM or PM correctly.  Once finished setting your on/off time and the time of day plug the timer back into the transformer.  If you unplugged the transformer cord from the timer make sure that is plugged back in also.  Close up the transformer and your lights will come on and off at the time that you set. 


Digital Timers


Digital timers usually have a battery backup in them and adjust themselves for daylight savings time.  If they are set to come on at dusk and turn off at a certain time then you shouldn’t need to make any adjustments.  However, if they are set to come on at a certain time instead then you will need to adjust it.  By hitting the mode button on the timer it will scroll through the current settings.  When you get to the start time just adjust the time with the dial that you desire. 

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