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By Corey Rosso • November 8, 2012

VIDEO: How To Winterize Your Home Sprinkler System

Is your home sprinkler system ready for winter? Watch Corey Rosso of Green Impressions explain how to properly winterize your irrigation system.

As outlined in the video, here are the 4 critical steps to winterizing your home sprinkler:

  1. Properly blow out all the irrigation system lines to set the back flow system up for the winter. 
  2. Turn the shut off valves to a 45 degree angle, leaving them half open and shut.
  3. Completely open the bottom drain and allow the back flow to completely drain out.
  4. Set the test port ball values to a 45 degree angle, leaving them half open and shut.

Following these simple steps will insure that your home irrigation system will not be damaged by the freezing temperatures during the winter.

For more information about how we can help you winterizing your home irrigation system please contact us.

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