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September 26, 2012

Video: Installing an Outdoor Fire Pit vs. Outdoor Fireplace

This week's video blog features the benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace. Joe Schill explains some of the benefits and features that outdoor fire pits provide over installing an outdoor fireplace. Of course, fireplaces have their advantages too.

Here are the main benefits to installing an outdoor fire pit over a fireplace.

  1. Fireplaces only allow a small number of people to sit in front of them. Fire Pits allow 10 to 12 people to sit comfortably around them making better use of the heating and entertaining space.
  2. Fireplaces become the anchor or "focal point" of your landscape. Fire pits are typically 12" to 16" in height allowing you to take in views from around your landscape, such as the Lake Erie Skyline, the golf course, or wooded wildlife areas.
  3. Fireplaces typically start at around $10,000.00 to design and install. Fire pits start at $2,000.00 to design and install providing a much more affordable outdoor fire feature option for your landscape.

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