Holiday Lighting

September 10, 2012

3 Ways To Save On Holiday Lighting This Year

Holiday Lighting Display 26 resized 600Want to add some sparkle to the holidays? Nothing adds to a neighborhood's holiday cheer like a well-conceived holiday lighting display. When you decorate your home for the holidays, not only do you create a magical mood, but you also contribute to your community's well-being. Providing a beautiful lighting display is an act of generosity, and it makes your home inviting, festive, and admired.

The down side is that holiday lights can be a pain. Setting them up is difficult and time-consuming, even if you already have a design in mind. By the time the holidays are over and you get back to work, the last thing you want to do is spend an entire day taking down lights, winding them up, and figuring out where to store them the rest of the year.

That's where we come in. We have the experience, the expertise, and the design know-how to take care of your holiday lighting hassles. You give us your ideas, and we'll incorporate them into a professional holiday lighting design, custom-made for you. Your lighting will be professionally installed and maintained by our experts, and when the holidays are over, we'll take down the decoration and store them in our climate-controlled storage facility until next year.

Here's how our holiday lighting services help you:

1. Save Time

Although everyone looks forward to the holidays, it's a hectic time of year. Between office holiday parties, kids' school events and concerts, and parties with family and friends, it's difficult to keep up. Don't spend one of your precious holiday weekends digging through your basement, untangling and testing old lights, and climbing ladders.

Instead, use that weekend to go shopping, spend time with your family, or check off the things on your list that you can't delegate. We'll take care of your lighting chore, and you can fill the time with something you really want to do.

2. Save Money

Once we've designed your personal holiday lighting scheme, your lights, decorations, and other equipment will stay in excellent condition year after year. Because it's stored in our climate-controlled facility, you won't have to worry about replacing lights or decorations that become damaged in your basement or garage. We also make sure that your home is decorated with top-of-the-line products, which are built to last many, many years.

3. Eliminate the Hassle

You know what a hassle it is to decorate your home for the holidays. Once you finally find the boxes in your basement, you have to untangle the cords, plug them into the wall, and find all the missing or burned-out bulbs. This process usually sends you to the store to find replacement bulbs. If they don't carry the right kind, you might just end up buying new ones there at the store without your home's measurements or a firm idea of what you'll do with them once you get home.

Then when you finally have your lights, you have to get up on that ladder, hope that your lighting hooks survived the summer, and work your way around the house. You're not sure where the right-size extension cords are, but you carry on because it's starting to get dark and the neighbors have invited you over for dinner. In January, slammed with work at the office, it's time to get back on the ladder. It's cold, and this is not what you signed up for.

So leave the whole process to us. Our all-inclusive price covers everything:

  • Custom design and planning
  • Complete professional installation and takedown
  • Maintenance during the holidays
  • Year-round climate-controlled storage
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