Holiday Lighting

September 12, 2012

5 Cleveland Holiday Lighting Design Tips

Christmas Tree 2 resized 600When it's the season to be jolly, you don't want to find yourself untangling lights or figuring out the grounded circuits and voltage capacities of outlets and egos.

Instead you could choose the ease and grace of professionals handling all those details for you. Stunning holiday light displays can beautify your home without you ever having to brave a ladder or plug in a strand of lights.

When you hire an expert lighting and landscape design company, some of the advantages include:

  • Designers willing to listen and discuss ideas and expressions of visual meaning.
  • Professionals will respect budget limits and materials choices.
  • Completed installation, maintenance and storage.
  • We take responsibility for providing safe and dependable lighting displays.

We will dismantle and store your display in our climate controlled storage facility. For homeowners who are handling their own lighting displays, some of the electrical system nuances can be observed by knowing about these few holiday lighting tips:

  1. Outdoor lights should be plugged into circuits protected by ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).
  2. If outside plugs are not GFCI protected, buy a portable, outdoor GFCI at a hardware or home supply store.
  3. A warm plug or wire means the circuit could be overloaded and dangerous.
  4. Other signs of overloading are circuit breakers or fuses that blow repeatedly. (This usually means you have too many light strings directed to one circuit)
  5. Take a lesson from Clark in the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Make sure you're plugged-in and have power!

During the most stressful time of year, choose the simplicity of not having to install any of it yourself, saving time, money and eliminating the hassle of DIY. Allow us to help you create and decorate your home with holiday lighting that radiates the seasonal elegance and festive mood needed to ignite the holiday spirit.

Green Impressions Serves Your Need for Creativity and Excellence.

The design professionals at Green Impressions can help make your outdoor living oasis a reality. In the same way designing a house involves more than selecting paint colors or window styles, a landscape design means looking at the big picture.

Perhaps your homes landscape needs some improvement by a talented and experienced landscape designer. Including combinations of plants and elements can also affect how your outdoor and holiday lighting designs will emerge.

We look at your home’s landscape with a trained and critical eye. We create a plan that takes into account your lifestyle, preferences and budget. We listen to your concerns and ask questions to create the right plan for you:

  • What design style attracts you most?
  • Who will be maintaining the property and what maintenance budget is available?
  • Do you need privacy or have a need to screen out an undesirable view?
  • What are your favorite plant families and color combinations?
  • What are you most attached to about your landscape?

With experience and education, we design with the Northern Ohio climate at heart. We can create a design that will have flowering plants all season long. Our design service is included in all landscape installations.

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