October 13, 2020

3 Backyard Deck Ideas for Small Yards

While the square footage of homes has increased over the past several years, the opposite is true for lot sizes. Homes built in 1975 occupied just 13.9% of the lots on which they sit. For homes built since 2015, that number has jumped to 25%.

When you pair this trend with the growing interest in outdoor living spaces, it’s easy to see how homeowners can be left in a bit of a conundrum. Let’s use the backyard deck as an example. While homeowners want to make their deck as functional as possible, a lack of space can also lead to a game of picking and choosing what features to include — potentially eliminating a few options along the way.

With the goal of helping homeowners with small yards maximize their deck space, we’ve put together a list of ideas that combine the optimal layout with highly functional features…

Backyard Deck Idea #1: Multi-Use Furniture

Why choose furniture with one purpose when it can serve two functions? There are a few types of outdoor furniture that fall under this umbrella. Take an outdoor bench, for instance. While the top provides cozy seating, some benches are built to include storage underneath. Meanwhile, there are tables on the market that include a detachable serving tray on top and are equipped with internal storage compartments on the bottom. The combination of these types of furniture will give you the functionality you need without leaving the space cramped.



Source: Pinterest

Backyard Deck Idea #2: Utilize Wall Space

Not every feature that’s added to a backyard deck needs to take up floor space. Much like swapping a bulky bookshelf inside your home for floating shelves, thinking vertically in your backyard deck design can lead to a more spacious layout. For instance, instead of a garden that sprawls horizontally across the ground, you could opt for a vertical garden that allows you to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables in a more compact space. Another thought: Install a hanging murphy-style bar from the wall that folds out to provide a tabletop surface.



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Backyard Deck Idea #3: Add Sconce Lighting

Modern landscape lighting is available in a variety of styles — one of which is sconce lighting. While these wall-mounted fixtures are minimally intrusive to outdoor decks (and small backyards in general), they provide the level of lighting that’s needed to keep backyards safe and secure. In addition to the deck space sconce lights conserve without the need for bases on the ground, their positioning on walls avoids tripping hazards in outdoor spaces, making the area even safer.



Source: Pinterest

Turn Deck Design Ideas into a Reality

As a landscape design firm that serves Northeast Ohio, Green Impressions has years of experience helping local homeowners bring their deck design ideas to life. Combining the optimal layout with the right features, we’ll help you make the most of your deck project — ensuring you have the space and functionality you need to enjoy your outdoor living area.

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