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January 16, 2018

Join Us for the 2018 Great Big Home and Garden Show

After months of cold weather, many of us eagerly await the sights and smells of springtime. Now imagine if you could experience these elements in the middle of winter. The 2018 Great Big Home and Garden Show gives you a chance to do just that.

The 2018 Great Big Home and Garden Show

This year’s event takes place on February 2-11 at Cleveland’s IX Center. Guests will have the chance to hear from various industry speakers and explore more than 600 exhibits — including Green Impressions — where they can get advice and tips on how to achieve their home and garden dreams.

Our exhibit is an indoor display at the 2018 Garden Showcase. Before we share some of our plans for this year, let’s take a look back at our 2017 design.

2017 Garden Showcase Theme: Movies

Going along with last year’s theme of blockbuster movies, we opted for a classic: “Mary Poppins.”


In tune with the time period, the indoor display featured a naturalistic garden complete with old cobble-style pavers and iron fence work. A cedar pergola stretched over a large patio space, complete with a built-in bar, grill, bubbling rock water features and a fireplace. This area served as the perfect spot to set up a tea party.


Adding to the intricacy of the design was a breakaway garden that turned into a pathway. With music from the movie playing in the background, guests could take in the colorful sweeps of roses and hydrangeas, drips of daffodils and creeping junipers.



2018 Garden Showcase Theme: Songs

Our choice for this year’s garden showcase theme is “America” by Neil Diamond.

When you think about American architecture, many projects involve working from what already remains of older buildings and adding a contemporary vibe. It’s essentially a blend of two worlds — the old and the new. That’s the motivation behind our upcoming garden showcase design.

In combination with the latest landscape design trends and amenities, the display will weave older elements, such as blocks of stone from an old bridge, the facade of an old building and various metalwork, into the mix.

Ready for a breath of spring? The Great Big Home and Garden Show is the perfect event for you. Use the promo code below to get your tickets — and be sure to stop by and see us!




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