The Latest Landscape
Design Trends

Unpredictable Weather Meets Its Match

Tired of rain and strong winds (or even the cold) interrupting your outdoor plans? Thanks to climate-cognizant landscape features, you can better plan for the unexpected.

Take Cover

Pergolas with retractable roofs offer coverage when needed and open space when weather permits.

The Heat Is On

When a cold front rolls through town, outdoor heaters help keep guests cozy and warm.

A Little Pop of Color Goes a Long Way

When Living Coral was announced as the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, it was described as a color that energizes and enlivens. Invite these sentiments into your outdoor space.

Room to Bloom

Have you heard of the hardy hibiscus plant? This strand of flower thrives in the Midwest and mimics the red and pinkish hues of coral.

Add Decor

The simple addition of coral pillows or a coral accent rug can give your backyard the splash of vibrant color it needs.

Get a Landscape You'll Love Every Season

Our unique approach to landscape design ensures it.

Goodbye Single Textures and Patterns, Hello Variety

As the scope of textures and patterns have evolved, so has the perspective on uniformity. The focus is now on mixing materials in landscape design to create dynamic visual interest.

New Style of Patios

Whether a vibrant contrast or a subtle difference, combining different types of pavers in patio design leads to stunning results.

Ornate Driveways

Looking to enhance your curb appeal? A driveway laid in different patterns or with decorative borders is sure to set your home apart.

The Push to Go Green

While recycling and powering down electronics make homes more sustainable, these efforts aren’t just limited to the indoors. Sustainability actually starts with your landscape.

Opt for Native Plants

Stay close to home in your choice of plants, as native options are familiar with the climate and require less water.

Use Permeable Surfaces

By allowing water to pass through the surface and into the soil, permeable pavers help mitigate and control stormwater runoff.

Get Smarter in Irrigation

Modern irrigation systems can monitor the local weather and make automatic adjustments to avoid unnecessary use of water.

Landscapes We've Helped Transform

Here's a portfolio that showcases our design capabilities.

Subtle Levels that Create a Whole Lot of Interest

Landscape design is literally reaching new heights. Whereas flat expanses were once the norm, a multilevel approach has become increasingly popular.

Raised Garden Beds

Rather than bending down to admire (or tend to) a garden, raised garden beds place these features within an arm’s reach.

Seating Walls

Beyond their practical function, seating walls bring a vertical element that stands out as a focal point in your landscape.

Secluded Patio

Want to reverse the focus of height? Consider a flat garden with a set of stairs that leads down to a patio area.

Patio Products that Pack a Punch

Tables, chairs and umbrellas are just some of the elements that make patios functional. A new wave of innovation, however, promises to further enhance the comfort of these spaces.

Music to One’s Ears

Don’t let the sea of wires from indoor speakers create headaches. Instead, opt for Bose® Free Space® 51 speakers, which blend a subtle appearance with high-quality sound.

Get Control of Mosquitoes

Mosquito control doesn’t have to involve messy, inconvenient techniques. The NuTone Haven system provides silent, odorless and invisible mosquito control that lasts all year.

Fresh Twists on Modern Amenities

Landscape amenities have long been used for entertainment and relaxation purposes. What you’ll find is that these traditional features have taken on a new look.

Pull Up a Seat

With bar-style seating, you can transform an outdoor kitchen into a complete dining area.

Make a Splash

Vase fountains pair the soothing sounds of water with virtually no maintenance — the best of both worlds.

Get Comfortable

Adding seating areas and televisions around fire features makes it easier for your guests to bask in the warmth.

Turn Inspiration into Action. Make Your Dream Landscape a Reality.

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