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Brighten Up Your Space with Viva Magenta

Think bold, brave, optimistic. These are the kinds of characteristics that align with the feel of the Pantone 2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta. And there's no shortage of ways to add this hue into your landscape design to give it that strong pop.

Make a Splash In Whatever Way Feels Right

Maybe it's splashing around in a pool on those hot summer afternoons. Or maybe it's a water feature that makes your backyard feel even more serene. No matter which path you go down (perhaps both), water deserves a home in your outdoor space.

Get a Landscape to Love For Every Season

The approach we take ensures it.

Create Space for Connection & Conversation

Backyards have long been a space for relaxation. And while that still rings true, there has been a push toward making backyards more of a conversation hub. So the cozier of outdoor spaces you can create with the right amenities, the more welcoming it will feel to guests.

Say Yes to Multi-Functional Furniture

In a time when homeowners are looking to maximize use of their outdoor space, it's only natural that multi-functional furnishings have become more popular. It could be a seat that doubles as a storage bench or an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, to name a few examples.

See Examples of the Landscapes We’ve Transformed

Our portfolio is home to a variety of projects.

Pair Traditional Plants with Edible Options

When it comes to living a greener lifestyle, growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is one way to go about it. From tomatoes and strawberries to basil and thyme, there are endless possibilities as to what you can pull in fresh from your backyard.

Curate Stylish "Rooms" That Reflect the Indoors

While there was once a clear distinction between indoor and outdoor living, those lines have become increasingly blurred over time. More and more, we're seeing the creation of outdoor rooms that are just as stylish and comfortable as spaces inside the home.

Choose Plants with Dynamics Shapes

When thinking about plants, color often comes to mind first. But there's also the shape of the plant to consider. Plants with unique leaf and flower shapes can add dynamic visual interest to various areas of your backyard.

Redefine Your Landscape, Redefine Your Home

At Green Impressions, we have the passion and expertise to turn your Northeast Ohio landscape into the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Ready to bring your vision to life? Request your free consultation today!

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